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Easter Joy Galore

Looking forward to Easter? So are we, we have all the information for you to make the most of the upcoming festivities. This is a great chance to really have fun during such a great spring festival. On a beautiful spring day, there are plenty of opportunities to make use of the public holidays to have a great time with family and friends. At happyeaster2016.org you’ll find all the information you need on what you can do and where to go to experience the festive fun in the sun. There are plenty of things to do and experience during this spring festival that we are only too happy to describe and showcase so that you too can enjoy this fun time.

Festive feasts.

A great feast is always a great way for families to come together to reconnect and enjoy a meal together that will be a great time to enjoy spring and get everyone looking forward to summer. Plenty of traditions exist when it comes to traditional foods, you’ll find plenty of recipes here. If you don’t find your countries festive food tradition then let us know and we’ll only be too happy to add it.

Easter events

Open air concerts and parties are an awesome thing and Easter is a fantastic time to get everyone outside into the fresh air where they can truly enjoy spring and its many splendors. Check out our list of upcoming events in your area so that you can find the place to be for this upcoming spring time spree. The children will all be out to meet the Easter bunny and find the many Easter eggs he has hidden in the gardens. Look for the nearest Easter egg hunt in your area, these are a great source of entertainment where the kids can scamper on the grass while mum and dad can enjoy a hot cross bun or chocolate which the Easter bunny is handing out. It is one of the greatest spring festivals and one can easily see why as everyone is having a great time with the entertainment is out on display.

Going on Holiday

Fancy a change of scene for the Easter holidays, say no more. Plenty of great destinations around the world have great traditions that are all welcoming to tourists and would make a great collection of holiday snaps. From Europe and all to down under Australia, events are all the craze for what is an anticipated public festivity.