Easter themed slot games

Easter is a festive season with some religious connotations. It signifies a re-birth and the beginning of springtime. For the season to be a remarkable one for slot players, some slots were designed with themes showing the imagery representations of the season. With such Easter theme slots, players can enjoy their games in the spirit of the season.

Easter, being a weekend with some extra days and thus making it a decent holiday, every slot player wants games that can keep them entertained and return them some money to celebrate the season. Easter themed slot games have been designed specially to cater for players of this category. The games have features that reflect the symbols of the season.

Easter themed games with their bonuses

Easter Surprise slots is an Easter themed game specifically created to excite slot players during the Easter season. It is a slot with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines and is packed with bunnies, chocolate eggs and baskets. A player has the chance of winning as high as 10,000 times their bet in this game.

Fields of Fortune slots is also an Easter themed slot. It has a theme reflecting the plantation of crops and land preparation that is associated with Easter. The scatter is one of the special symbols of the slot. Landing three or more of such scatter symbols on any part of the reels will earn one a choice of two free spins.

Fountain of Youth slot, also an Easter themed slot, has a theme focusing on re-birth in nature. The slot has three reels with just three paylines and five symbols. The five symbols are: a fountain, a white butterfly, a blue bird, a frog and a yellow flower. The game is easy to play and has no bonus features.