Easter Weekend in London 2017

The first bank holiday of the year

Everyone likes Easter time, as the sun is out and the events are plentiful. Easter bunnies stand outside all the major attractions hosting Easter egg hunts that will make children squeal with delight as they find more and more. With the Friday before and Monday after both being public holidays, everyone is only too happy to go out into sunshine to enjoy a great day out with the family that it is one of the best festivals of springs.

The sweetest buns

No British Easter is complete without the famous hot cross buns. These are made of sweet dough with bits of peel and fruit in them that will make you either love them or hate them. We’re happy that the vast majority of people love them and will buy plenty as a treat for children or to be eaten alongside the Easter Sunday lunch or afterwards as a simple desert with some tea.

If your taste buds request more tantalizing options then look no further that the Parish Church at St Marylebone as every year a food market is raised that is so vast in diversity any food aficionado will be spoiled for choice and might probably discover new delights that will leave them full, happy and in need of a lie down.

Major events

Anyone in London during Easter will be spoiled for choice with the number of events that are being hosted on an annual basis. Many hotels offer special Easter packages that make a short weekend getaway to the capital a tempting trip. The offers don’t stop at the hotels though, shops and all businesses try to get on the band wagon to attract business so this could be a tourists chance to get their hands on some really fantastic deals. It does get very busy though, and since public transport can be reduced a little then a little foresight might be in order so as to avoid long waits, delays or disappointments. Most shops are close on the Easter Sunday so shopping will be out of the question this time.