Family celebrations

A memorable event.

Many family celebrations are done on a public celebration or to commemorate a significant day such as a wedding. A family celebration is never complete without a large volume of food being prepared. Grandmothers are notoriously known to make sure that all her children and grandchildren get their fill and then some more. It’s something known across all cultures as we all conjure up an image of a grandmother toiling away in the kitchen to prepare ridiculously large portions and then out attempt to finish every last morsel on the plate.

Christmas and New Year

Because one huge celebration isn’t enough, having two with only a week in between is the best way to see the year out with a bang. Families gather with Christmas cheer and well wishes to share gifts, food and good will to all. It is a time where everyone cannot help but feel a little kinder to all they meet as they try to show a little goodwill in such a festive time. With the turkey on the table and all ready to carve it up, everyone can’t help but over indulge a little in the drink too and tell the crazy stories that have been experienced over the year.


There is no better way to bring families together than a wedding. A celebration of love between two young people that will put smiles on everyone’s faces as they remember their own special day or look forward to it. It is when two separate come together as one with well wishes for the newly wedded and happy couple. Like all family gatherings there is plenty of food that is typically based on the customs of the newlywed’s culture. Many look forward to the best man’s speech as the groom hopes that his chosen man isn’t too drunk or will not say anything that will embarrass him in front of his bride and family. Once that’s out of the way and bride has tossed the bouquet though, the party has no limitation provided the drinks don’t run out.