How to organize a great celebration?

When it comes to organising an Easter feast, there are a few traditions to keep in mind just like Christmas. Luckily with the plenty of resources on the internet this isn’t too hard to make sure you get it right. A few things need to be kept in mind. Out of the many variables a few specific ones need to be taken with special consideration; the guests, the food, the drink and most importantly the time.


Now many people don’t think that this is too important but it can make a huge difference if done incorrectly. First a choice needs to be made between lunch or dinner and then the correct serving time and only after all this comes the choice of food. An example would be to try serving very heavy foods such as pastries or a lot of red meat for an early lunch. This is a big mistake since a feast at lunch is organised on a day everybody is off work such as Sunday. That means people wake up a bit later and will have breakfast later and the riskiest of all might have a hangover from Saturday night.


Consider also before setting your menu the kind of guests in attendance, teenagers are not going to appreciate a five course gala meal. Also check for food intolerances or allergies and perhaps even certain tastes. A person not like a single dish is not a fiasco but a trip to the emergency room certainly is; not to mention a reputational problem if the guests are work colleagues.

Food and drink.

They key here is not what to cook but rather what can you cook? If Bolognese is a challenge for you then don’t try complex recipes. Also budget is a very big deal, if you can’t afford lobster then don’t try to get a cheap one that runs the risk of food poisoning. Search online for recipes, hundreds of website categorize recipes according to tastes and difficulties and this makes it easy to pick the right one for your feast.

At the end of the day, just have some fun with it. A feast is a great way to bring people such as friends or family together for the spirit of any occasion that has been around for centuries. It is one of the few global traditions that is considered to be a great time that can truly make some great memories.