What to Eat at Easter

The “chocolate bunnies” as Easter eggs, are given as gifts and are eaten in abundance at Easter. The symbolism of the bunny pre-dates Christianity and for obvious reasons represents fertility. The egg’s relevance is again pagan symbolising rebirth, rejuvenation and immortality.

The symbolism divided into : Christianity – Jesus Christ (lamb – the lamb of god),   Pagan rites: rebirth; (eggs, ham, related to luck), Fertility; (bread and pastries), and lamb to sacrifice.  

Eggs: celebrating the coming of spring – a symbol of new life – the resurrection of Jesus Christ to heaven. The original celebrations of painting eggs are a pagan and like Christmas pre-dates Christianity. The simplest way to colour your eggs red naturally is to place red onion skins in to a pot and bring them to a boil with your eggs. Red eggs came to symbolise the blood of Christ.  

Bread and Pastries: The bread has a long history as an important religious symbol. Representing Christ’s body. Christ sharing koulitch bread with his disciples at Last Supper.

Hot Cross Buns: the most well-known, favoured, and eaten at Good Friday is the hot cross bun. The hot cross bun marked with a cross allegedly hales from Anglo-Saxon’s times when they baked little round cakes made from wheat to honour the springtime goddess, Eostre.

As Main Course: lamb or ham is served. Roasting lamb dates back further than Easter to Abraham and the sacrificial lamb, being roasted and eaten. Not forgetting the Christian relevance of Christ being referred to as Lamb of God. 

A Good Red Wine: is a must to wash down the lamb. Again, no need to make the comparison with the first miracle attributed to Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana. Gospel according to John.  

Ham: long time before refrigeration, the animals for meat was slaughtered in the autumn. The fresh meet like pork, that was left over was cured. The curing process took months and the ready to eat ham coincided with Easter. Making ham much sort after delicacy at Easter. 

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